Tweedz Durable, Tangle Free Earbuds/ Information Guide

The design of an earbud provides the character or thought process of the manufacturer. However it boils down to efficiency, technology, performance and functionality. Others include durability, sound quality, corded or wireless connection.

Tweedz Durable
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Tweedz Rating

These earbuds score on our assessment scale is 6.5/10. They are durable have interesting fabric cords and offer noise isolation technology. The sound is bold with long cord and color choices for boys and girls.

About Tweedz Earbuds

Tweedz earbuds have tangle free fabric wrapped cords with noise isolation technology. Buds are 100% nylon braided with in-ear stereo. They have a sturdy build are tough, rugged and long lasting. To ensure a snug fit they come with small, large and medium earbuds. Enjoy deep bass, high definition bold sound quality. The designers have added bold colors perfect for both young and old, boy, girls.

Price: $29.99

Features and specifications

  • High quality nylon wrapped
  • Tough microphone and remote control
  • Braided 100% nylon cable
  • bold sound
  • Tangle free design
  • long wire 4.3 feet
  • heavy duty durability comfortable
  • colorful
  • hi-fi sound and noise isolation


Strong braided cable

Hi-fi sound

Perfect travelling companion

Good price

Varity of colors


Rubber cords last longer

Our conclusion

If you have passion for travel, music they are a good companion. However rough handling will cause damage to the device. You get one year warranty, chargers, different size ear buds and Tweedz headphone.

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