Symphonized NRG X Premium Genuine Wood Earbuds

The manufacturers of Symphonized NRG X earphones have gone a step further by using genuine wood. The earphones has in-ear noise isolation qualities and angle-fit ear tips.

It is fitted with in-line microphone, volume control and stereo. The wooden elements and stylish dual colored cable makes it a fashion accessory and statement piece. The headphones are trendy and will complement your look.

Symphonized NRG X Premium Genuine Wood Earbuds sound

Everyone knows that wood produces the best acoustics. That is why the all-natural handcrafted wood is unbeatable. The NRG X provides amazing acoustics, warm tones for a total listening experience.

They produce a deep strong bass, high–fidelity sound that s crisp and powerful. The unique sound profile combines sleek elegant look that offers an amazing experience. While the studio tuned audio guarantees crystal clear sound.

The Sound

  • Best acoustics
  • warm tones
  • total listening experience
  • produce a deep strong bass
  • high –fidelity sound that s crisp and powerful
  • has a unique sound profile
  • studio tuned

User Friendly

The device is very user friendly because of the integrated inline microphone for good listening pleasure. Other functions are the plug, play design and NRG X compatibility with devices that feature standard 3.5 mm jack. You get full volume control capabilities like answer call/end call, pause play volume control.

User Friendly Options

  • integrated inline microphone
  • plug, play design
  • NRG X compatibility with many devices
  • full volume control


Handcrafted in the hills of Kilimanjaro by snot nosed pygmies in pointed tips. Just goofing! They may have well have been because of the beautifully crafted angle fit wooden housing. They feature a lightweight design, oblong angle fit with ergonomic ear tips.

  • Handcrafted
  • Beautifully crafted angle fit wooden housing
  • features a lightweight design
  • oblong angle fit with ergonomic ear tips

Outdoor Recreation

The 100% secure fit makes the earbuds perfect for outdoors recreational activities. They are ideal for physical exercise like jogging, running, yoga and dancing.

Good for:

Jogging, running, yoga and dancing


The top-notch luxury design and modern technology makes tem easily compatible with favorite devices. They are compatible with mp3 players, devices that use 3.5mm audio jack. Other devices are the Android, tablets, iPhone and iPad devices.

Compatible Devices

  • mp3 players
  • devices that use 3.5mm audio jack
  • iPads
  • Android
  • Tablets
  • iPhone

The Packaging

Symphonized NRG X Premium is packaged with accessories galore! The total packaging includes 18 additional ear tips of small, medium or large perfectly customize to fit any ear type.

You get an enclosed shirt clip, dual flanged and the earphones. They come in a handy customized hard shell case easy to clip on bag or pocket.

Accessories Galore

  • 18 additional ear tips of small/medium/large
  • enclosed shirt clip
  • earphones
  • handy customized hard shell case


The symphonized NRG X Premium genuine wood earbuds with in-ear noise isolation headphones costs $23.49. It is slightly costlier than the symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds at $19 or the symphonized XCT Premium genuine wood in-ear noise isolation headphones $23

What we like

Symphonized uses the natural acoustical properties of wood to deliver a crisp clear sound. The acoustics replicates famous concert hall performance.

Made from modern materials symphonized products are hand crafted from genuine wood and thoroughly tested. This ensures unique, strong durable product and unmatched listening experience.

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