Powerbeat3 Wireless Earphones Aesthetically Pleasing

The Powerbeat3 wireless earphones are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are easy to put on have nice color, easy to pair. You can use the built-in mic to take calls, activate siri, adjust volume and play music.

The Comfort

Powrbeats3 has an improved ergonomic design. The multiple eartips offers personalized choice for a better more comfortable fit. For optimum stability they added the secure fit ear hooks.

The sound

The device offers a wide-ranging sound with powerful lows and dynamic highs. This increases listening pleasure and offers an authentic sound.

The sound quality is powered by dual-driver acoustics which offers a more dynamic and clear sound. However the listening experience differs from one individual to the next.

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Just power-up and hold near your smartphone and they instantly connect. Powerbeat3 uses powerful bluetooth technology compatible with apple watch, iPad, mac and iPhone. It can keep up during tough workouts however to much sweat can cause malfunction.

The Charger

An hour-long workout is possible on one five minute charge. The charger is fast and you spend less time charging the device. They offer 12 hours battery life and an efficient Apple W1 chip.

What we don’t like

The connection strap is not flexible enugh and quite uncomfortable. Speaker intake for calls nonexistent however the stability and fit in-ear good. It gets a easily water damaged from sweat and are not good for workouts.

Battery life dissipates after a month and will not attain full charge easily. The sound quality is average and not awesome. The L, R symbols are barely visible and volume malfunction after several months.

  • Could malfunction if you sweat profusely
  • Connection strap is not flexible
  • Speaker intake for calls nonexistent
  • easily water damaged
  • Battery life dissipates after a month
  • sound quality is average and not awesome
  • The L, R symbols are barely visible
  • volume malfunction after several months

In a Nut Shell

Use the remotetalk to control music, take calls and activate siri. The class 1 bluetooth makes pairing a breeze with seamless wireless technology. Not totally sweat and water resistant but is high performance and handle moderate workout.

They have the five minute fast charger and sixty minute playback on low battery. Full battery lasts 12 hours and workouts are a breeze because of the secure fit earhooks.

You get a warranty card, quick start guide and universal USB charger. It comes with a small carry case, four eartips with size options and the powerbeat3 wireless earphones.

What You Get- Powerbeat3 Wireless Earphones

1 Powerbeat3 are wireless earphones

2. They are aesthetically pleasing

3. Easy to put on

4. Easy to pair

5. They have Built-in mic for calls, activate siri, adjust volume and play music

6. It has improved ergonomic design

7. Multiple eartips for optimum stability

8. Secure fit ear hooks

9 Wide-ranging sound for increased listening pleasure

10. Power up and instantly connect

11. Powerbeat3 uses powerful bluetooth technology

12. Compatible with apple watch, iPad, mac and iPhone

13. Fast charging

14 Twelve hours battery life

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Ideal for driving, light exercise and distant connectivity. It comes with 1 x USB portable mini charging case, 3 x silicone ear tips and Enacfire wireless earbuds.

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