OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones – Good Bluetooth Earbuds

The simple fact is that Bluetooth earphones are now commonplace. Gone are the days of humongous headphones and phone-jacks. We now have hundreds of manufacturers clamoring for a piece of pie.

To gain a market share they leveraging on technology, advertisement, price .However good products will eventually outperform mediocrity. The worth of a pair is determined by design, functionality, technology and sound quality.

Pricing is another important consideration from low to high end prices. The average price range is segmented into three. Those from $20 to $100, $100 to $200 and $200 to $300. The OnePlus bullets wireless Bluetooth earphones is reasonably priced.

OnePlus earbuds
OnePlus earbuds


The first thing we noticed about the earbuds is the effective design and simplicity. It felt comfortable in the ears. It is quite flexible without a fixed neck ring or hard shell.

It expands easily to accommodate any ear type while providing adequate comfort without ear irritation. The rubber coating provides a light, easy fit around neck or upper region.

Unlike some products that experiment with design the manufacturers maintain the basic design and included a rubberized loop. The stretch resistant cable connects the earphone and are comfortable on your neck. This provides extra ear fix and flexibility for fussy customers.

You get the new magnetic control feature for your music including the freedom from wires. Snap the earbuds together and it pauses your music and disconnects. Once separated they reconnect to the last device used

Another plus is the freedom from charging stress. It offers a moderate clear sound quality, 3 fins and a USB charger cable. OnePlus has a dedicated volume control to pause or play found on the left earbud.

The press hold function activates Google Assistance while a double press is used to skip tracks you don’t like.


They are made from cheap generic rubberized material and produces average sound quality. They look plain, basic ear hooks and tips. Google pairing is slow and they are partially water proof.


  • Made from cheap generic rubberized material
  • Produces average sound quality
  • They look plain
  • They have basic ear hooks and tips
  • Google pairing is slow
  • They are partially water proof


OnePlus is supper light, small yet durable. They come with rubberized loop to keep the device firmly fixed in place. Where the Bluetooth connection lacks the 9.2 mm drivers are capable to receive clear quality music.

To accommodate the shortfall they integrated the aptX audio Bluetooth technology. You will not experience any drop in connection or cutouts. The lightweight clever magnetic connect and disconnect.

The in-line volume control button on the left earbud offers a refreshing easy reach. It has a solid Bluetooth connection. The sound quality is average, long non retractable cords, simple USB charging. All in all you get good value at fair price.


  • OnePlus is supper light
  • small and durable
  • rubberized loop keeps device firmly fixed
  • Solid Bluetooth connection lacks
  • At volume you receive clear quality music.
  • No drop in connection or cutouts
  • clever magnetic connect and disconnect
  • in-line volume control button on the left earbud
  • Some like the long non retractable cords
  • simple USB charging
  • reasonably priced $65

OnePlus Bullets Earphones

The Design

The device lends its design from the classic earbuds look. It is quite basic yet effective. The manufacturers added a detachable rubberized loop for more comfort and fit. Made from aluminum alloy it offers good durability and comfort.

  • Design basic
  • Detachable Rubberized loop
  • Made from Aluminum alloy

The Sound

To be honest the sound is good and decent but not great.  The earbuds are pretty good with no distortions at high volume except slight bass loss. They are perfect for calls however compared with products in its range they are Mohammed Ali.

  • Good but Average
  • Perfect for Calls
  • No distortion in sound at high volume
  • Slight bass loss


The OnePlus bullets weigh 22.7g uses 1 Lithium Polymer batteries. The basic color is black and connectivity technology is Bluetooth wireless. Product dimensions are 2.9 x 16.3 x 8.1 cm.

  • OnePlus bullets weigh 22.7g
  • uses 1 Lithium Polymer batteries
  • They come in black with red rings
  • connectivity technology is Bluetooth wireless
  • Product dimensions are 2.9 x 16.3 x 8.1 cm

What You Get

Despite its obvious shortcomings the question is why should you buy one? The answer is simple you get a decent product with a highly functional Bluetooth technology. It is lightweight, slightly water resistant with basic yet comfortable design.

When you order this product you get some accessories. The packaging includes 3 Fins, 1 wireless earplugs and 1 USB charger cable. It comes with a manual, storage bag and 1 safety and warranty card.

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How do I pair my OnePlus bullets wireless?

To connect long press power key for a few seconds or separate earplugs. Turn on the Bluetooth when the white indicator shows. Then click Ok to connect.

Does OnePlus have Microphone?

Yes, the Bullets v2 version has a good in-line mic

Does OnPlus 6 come with headphones?

The OnePlus 6 has a phone jack

Customer reviews

112 positive reviews have a star rating of 4.5 out of 5