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The manufacturers Mpow specializes in accessories and electronic products. Mpow D7 Bluetooth headphones is an innovative and highly functional product. They are perfectly suited for an active lifestyle.

You can exercise go jogging, running or travel and they stay dry. The IPX sweatproof headphone uses sweatGuard technology. Other features are the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation mic, three-button control and clothing management clip.

Perfect for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, traveling

The Technology

  1. HD stereo sound
  2. Waterproof
  3. Built-in Microphone
  4. CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction
  5. Talk/Playing Time 12 hours
  6. No Magnetic

Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones Battery

The predecessor of the Mpow D7 were really cool. So what do you think about an upgrade version. The headphone has an improved battery capacity from 100mAh to 120mAh.This has significantly increased the battery life to 14 hours talk time, 12 hours music time.

Place them in your ears and enjoy music half the day on one charge! This upgrade also provides good reliability and stable charging experience.

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14 hours talk time/12 hour’s music time


  • Improved battery capacity
  • From100mAh to 120mAh
  • 14 hours talk time
  • 12 hours music time
  • Good reliability
  • Stable charging experience

Mpow D7 Waterproof Technology

Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones (Upgraded)

Wireless Sports Earphones IPX7 Waterproof Design

Just Put Them On and Start Running

The earphones are waterproof because of the Mpow IPX7 sweatGuard technology. You can sweat as much as you like and they stay dry. This makes them an efficient sports headphones.

Take them to the gym, jog or run, hike, travel or exercise they stay dry. This sweat resistant quality guarantees a longer lifespan, durability.

  • IPX7 sweatGuard technology
  • Stays dry
  • Good durability
  • Longer lifespan
  • Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones Battery

High definition (HD) stereo sound

Mpow D7 Sound

The built in CVC 6.0 noise cancellation mic provides clearer conversation and reduces environmental noise. It uses a high definition stereo sound with full range of high quality audio.

The copper based wire increases your listening enjoyment and registers the music subtleties. The engineers have also added a premium CSR chip

Sound Quality

  • Noise cancellation qualities(CVC 6.0 mic)
  • high definition stereo sound
  • full range of high quality audio
  • copper based wire increases listening enjoyment
  • register the music subtleties
  • premium CSR chip

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Ergonomic flexible ear hooks

Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones (Upgraded)

The Fit

The ergonomic flexible ear hooks provides enhanced wearing comfort. Unlike many headphones the Mpow D7 Bluetooth headphones stay firmly in place. An innovative memory foam ear tips guarantees tangle and fatigue free comfort.

It comes with cable clothing clip, wire clip and regular ear tips. The cloth clip prevents cable bouncing around and keeps them place

  • ergonomic flexible ear hooks
  • enhanced wearing comfort
  • innovative memory foam ear tips
  • cloth management clip
  • wire clip
  • regular ear tips

Three-button control mechanism

The Control

The device has a three-button control mechanism. The button is used to answer or reject calls. Other functions include easy pause or play, volume turn up or down. You can also choose the next or previous track.

  • three-button control mechanism
  • answer or reject calls
  • easy pause or play
  • volume turn up or down
  • choose Next or previous track

Why we Like Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphones

The quality of a headphone is the sound production and total experience. The Mpow D7 has a premium CSR chip and high quality audio.

It has noise cancellation properties to handle distracting outside noise. You will enjoy every note, sound and subtleties in the audio.

Other enduring qualities are the sweatGuard waterproof technology and long battery life. Don’t forget the innovative memory foam ear tips and ergonomic flexible ear hooks for enhanced wearing comfort. We also like the price of $20.99

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Mpow D7 Bluetooth Headphone Upgraded

Here are 8 reasons why we recommend Mpow D7 bluetooth headphones.

1. They are stylish and offer enhanced wearing comfort.

2. You get tailor made fit with the memory foam ear tips

3. Other features are the ergonomic flexible ear hooks with silicone earbuds.

4. The sound quality is high definition (HD)

5. It uses premium CRS chip

6. The SweatGuard technology makes the waterproof

7. Mpow D7 is perfect for running, yoga, exercise, jogging, fitness training and travelling.

8. Reasonably priced at $20.99

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Things to Do

Before running or jogging make sure you choose suitable ear tips. This will effectively reduce wind sound.

Pinch earplugs and lift before wearing memory foam ear tips. To protect the battery and better bluetooth connectivity keep battery charged when they are low.

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