IR Headphones: Top IR Infrared Headphones in 2020

IR Infrared headphones: In the ever changing world of smart devices, headphones are not left behind. The type of technology introduced in the device offers interesting features and solves a problem. IRI infrared headphones offer a cool way to listen to DVD in the vehicle without distrusting the passengers. They are compatible with wireless entertainment systems, in-car and DVD players.

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Top IR Infrared Headphones

infrared headphones
Wireless 2 channel foldable IR Headphones -IR Infrared Headphones
Wireless 2 channel foldable IR Infrared Headphones
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xo vision universal-$20-IR Infrared Headphones
xo vision universal-$20
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Two Wireless 2 Channel Fold Flat  Rear Entertainment System
Two Wireless 2 Channel Fold Flat Infrared Rear Entertainment System DVD-$55.99-
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4 in 1 Pack of Vehicle HeadphonesIR Infrared Headphones-
4 in 1 Pack of Vehicle Headphones
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4 in 1 Pack of Vehicle
4 in 1 Pack of Vehicle Headphones

Top IR infrared Headphones

What are ir infrared headphones used for?

Headphone fitted with IR infrared technology transmit using light-emitting diodes. The diodes focus invisible pulsating light to a receiver built into the headset. Infrared IR headphones offer cordless connectivity to smart devices to watch television or listen to music.

A major advantage of infrared technology is arguably superior sound quality from transmitter to receiver than cordless radio frequency. It offer private listening different listening channels no interference with sensitive electronic equipment. The headphones have a transmitter that works through audio cable to audio source.

The technology involves transition via light-emitted diodes diffusing light beams on wider swath to get strong signal. Some models are fitted with tri-directional receivers in headset to connect headphones and transmitter. However there is a clear difference between cordless radio frequency and infrared. Cordless uses different directional radio waves from RF transmitters without restrictions of objects like infrared.


There are limitations to this device any object such as a cabinet door, tinted or beveled glass will block the signals. The signals are blocked once there is an obstruction between receiver and transmitter. IR technology is lightweight and requires a clear line of sight. Infrared headphones will work with iPods to a maximum range of 25feet.

Foldable Features

Premium infrared headphones come in many designs, regular headphones and foldable ones. Irrespective of the design certain key features differentiates quality IR headphones from the rest. Some come with matching durable case, 3.5 mm auxiliary cord with a standard phone jack. There are some specifically made for kids for full listening enjoyment in a vehicle.

A popular one is 2 channel infrared system easily adjustable headset to fit both kids and adults. A good product to consider with the above qualities is the Wireless 2 channel foldable IR Headphones (View on Amazon)  perfect for kids and adults.


Before buying this product make sure it fits the type of vehicle. In the product page by the top-left you will see the option to select your vehicle type. Impute information like year of manufacture, make, and model then check if it fits. It is important to make sure it fits your vehicle. For example it will not work on Pacifica or 2017 GM vehicles. However wireless 2 channel foldable Infrared is compatible with Entertainment System, DVD Player, IR Headphone for use in Car.

Foldable headphone with Universal IR

To gain easy access to your vehicles DVD player system without the headache of checking compatibility. Then you need the XO Vision headphone (view on Amazon)  with universal compatibility. This device easily pair most vehicles and user friendly.

XO Vision Universal IR Headphones uses In-Car Wireless are Foldable Headphones compatible with DVD Player, In-Car System, Custom Fit or Wireless Entertainment. Turn on/off switch to control volume and enjoy movie or music.

The foldable design makes them easy to store and have comfortable fit. A nifty feature us the auto-shut-off that conserves battery life and when you are done using them. Key features are adjustable fit, soft earpads, universal compatibility, with IR transmitter’s auto shut-off and volume control. Enjoy movies, videos and excellent sound quality without distrusting others in the vehicle.

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  • easy access to most vehicles
  • universal compatibility
  • easy pairing
  • user friendly
  • use with In-Car Wireless
  • Foldable Headphones
  • compatible with In-Car System
  • Custom Fit
  • Offers Wireless Entertainment

Double is better!

How about having 2 fold flat wireless entertainment system with DVD player IR Headphones in one complete package. That’s right you get each headphones (View on Amazon) with auxiliary cord and matching durable case. This product is perfect for children car system or use and even on a commercial airplane.

It has 1 or 2 channels infrared and 2 wireless channels for IR. Highly adjustable to fit adults it is even perfect for a 2 years old child. They come in 4 colors purple, red a combo 1 black and 1blue, or 1 red and 1 black how cool is that!

Features 2 Fold Flat Wireless Headphones

They are compatible with factory fitted DVD on all vehicles uses a 3.5mm standard auxiliary port with headphone jack. Perfect for table top, smartphones, vehicle and airplane travel. Get 2 channel for vehicle with one or two channel systems. It uses AAA batteries in wireless mode and auxiliary cable in wired mode. It requires no programming and immediately pick audio in vehicle including a  mute button, auto shut/off, volume control.


  • compatible with factory fitted DVD
  • uses a 3.5mm standard auxiliary port
  • headphone jack
  • use with table top, smartphones, vehicle and airplane travel
  • Get 2 channel for vehicle
  • 1 or 2 channel systems
  • AAA batteries in wireless mode
  • no programming
  • immediately pick audio
  • mute button, auto shut/off, volume control

Another 2 Pack IR Wireless Headphones

This headphones come in 2 pack wireless IR (view on Amazon) technology easily detachable, adjustable with audio cable. Fitted with universal compatibility the design is ideal for kids comfort. What you get is a wireless IR headset however the IR Transmitter is not included.

Features include 2 AAA batteries for 20 hours of continuous work, over/on ear design. The kids will enjoy 2 channels and watch different movies at the same time. Other features are two listening mode, automatic shutoff, and built-in sharing port.

Home use requires an IR transmitter (not included) interested in using it at home a good transmitter to consider is the SIMOLIO Dual IR Transmitter (Buy on Amazon). This transmitter has wireless infrared sensor for television, car and PC.

Included is the car cigar lighter AC adapter with optical audio in.  The device is easy to setup, no audio delay, no need for pairing, no Wi-Fi or FM interference. You get dual channels IR transmitter with optical in, are compatible with any brand of universal IR wireless.

SIMOLIO Dual Channels IR Transmitter

Features of SIMOLIO DUAL IR Transmitter

  • wireless infrared sensor for television, car and PC
  • car cigar lighter AC adapter
  • optical audio in
  • easy to setup
  • no audio delay
  • no need for pairing
  • no Wi-Fi or FM interference
  • dual channels IR transmitter
  • compatible with any brand of universal IR wireless
  • IR frequencies: Channel A: L: 2.3MHz, R: 2.8MHz; Channel B: L: 3.2MHz, R: 3.8MH.
  • Effective 30 feet (without obstacle blocking it)

How about 4 in 1 Pack of Vehicle Headphones

Yes you get an even bigger offer 4 packs of vehicle headphone ( Buy on amazon) . They are perfect for rear entertainment system with wireless infrared properties. Highly durable they also use 3.5mm aux cable for wired presentation. Ideal for all ages they are detachable with adjustable headbands.


Use them to watch television at home, play DVD system and compatible with most cars. Make sure your DVD has universal compatibility or IR frequency before purchasing this product. The technical (universal IR frequencies supported are CH A: L/2.3MHz, R/2.8MHz; CH B: L/3.2MHz,R/3.8MHz.

By switching to A/B channel two children in the backseat can watch 2 different movies from the headrest DVD players. The AAA batteries has a capacity of 20 hours on full charge and they include the aux jack 3.5mm cable. You will need an IR transmitter to use at home.


  1. Over/on ear car headphone
  2. Detachable and adjustable
  3. 2 channel option
  4. Built-in sharing port
  5. 2 listening mode
  6. Automatic shut off
  7. Use at home with IR transmitter
  8. Bendable/durable/flexible/adjustable
  9. Ideal for all ages
  10. Compatible with most cars
  11. 2 AAA batteries
  12. custom bag


Headrest DVD players require IR technology headphones for total listening enjoyment. Those with universal compatibility are guaranteed to work in the right frequency. Theses IR headphones are most comfortable, best sellers in their category.

Perfect for 2 kids with auto shutoff they are good battery savers. You will appreciate their designs, durability high functionality. They offer true stereo sound, dual channels, and private moment. About to go on a drive or long vacation then flip-down the video monitor in backseat and enjoy your infrared headphones.

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