How to Turn your Television into Smart Television

Turn your television into smart television

Gone are the days televisions were able to play only DVD, CD or tune to broadcast channels. That is until the advent of smart television sets. Smart televisions are awesome, able to perform multiple function and connect to the internet.

This new category of television with high definition viewing don’t come cheap. Not many people can afford them because of their high price. Did you know you can turn a standard television into a smart one?

This will save you money while offering more options and viewer choices. We have listed below different methods to turn your average television into smart TV. Some of the methods depends on your geographical location, service available or application.


Different methods to turn your television to smart television

There are different methods to turn your television to smart television.  We have the Airtel internet television, Android TV box. Others are Gaming consoles. Apple television and digital media player.

  1. Airtel internet television
  2. Android TV box
  3. Gaming consoles
  4. Apple television
  5. Digital media player

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles offer on-demand media consumption experience. However features or support from manufactures may differ. Two best latest generation gaming consoles are Xbox one series and Sony PlayStation. Navigate to their entertainment section to stream online content on your regular television.

Android box

With Android TV box you do not need screen mirroring option. The Android box allows you will access apps or services including Google Play Store. Simply install favorite apps directly from the store unto the Television. This offers a huge range of apps for your TV set.

Digital media player

The most common way people turn a regular TV into a smart one is via digital media player. The media player resembles a regular USB flash drive but is much more.

To use them make sure the television has a HDMI port. Choose one of available options like Teewe, Google Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Then pug-in dongle to HDMI port and instantly browse entertainment apps like YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video and Netflix.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a box digital media player with remote requires HDMI port to connect to apps and supports 4K, Apple TV HAS 64GB storage option.

Airtel internet TV (available only in India)

If you want the best of both world’s cable television and access to internet based apps then look no further. Airtel internet TV set top box powered by Android OS is your best bet. It offers internet based apps and cable TV channels. You can record live television channels, supports HDR, Dolby Chromecast and 4k. Access internet based apps like YouTube, Prime Video and Nexflix.