How To Save Money with PUJIN IN-EAR EARBUDS ?

PUJIN Compatible with iPhone/Apple/Samsung Stereo Bass Headphones with Microphone Noise Isolating, in-Ear Earbuds with Mic, Wired in Ear Earphones Noise Isolation, [2 Pack White]

The PUJIN in-Ear Earbuds are about the best you can get. They are compatible with Samsung Stereo bass headphones, iPhone and Apple. The wired in-earphones have good noise isolation and great sound quality.
They combine classic design, premium sound quality and noise reduction technology. It provides enhanced listening pleasure, exception response while reducing any external sound interference.
You get hand-free calls, music streaming without control through electronic device or phone. The cool functions include in-line remote control, hands free calling, pause play functionality. You can select previous/ next or pause play.
Speaking is easy because of the perfect positioning of the microphone. This offers free movement without adjusting your head position. We also like the ergonomic, ultra lightweight in-ear design, reduced external sound and amazing sound quality.
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The Design
It is easy to imagine the earbuds in space. They are ergonomic, lightweight and have a slick oval look. The roundish orbs have identical vents with R for right and L for left ears.
Made from quality material, soft cable, good folding endurance and strength. It is ultra-light with a classic design that conforms to ear structure. The cord has an in-line controller used to play music, pause, play/previous and next tracks.
PUJIN Compatible Design
• Ergonomic lightweight design
• Made from quality material
• soft cable
• good folding endurance
• strength
• classic design
• cord has in-line controller
The Sound
You will enjoy full listening comfort, perfect stereo sound and comfort. The audio presentation is perfect sound quality and super dynamic deep bass resolution. The snug fit and high performance is second to none.
However some have reported annoying constant tapping on the other end and occasion volume change. It features a solid sound insulation material that minimizes sound leakage, reduces eternal noise.
The in-built shockproof membrane are more sensitive to noise reduction than regular earbuds. You enjoy clear sound enhanced by the high quality microphone.

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PUJIN Compatible Sound Quality
• Full listening comfort
• Perfect stereo sound
• Good audio presentation
• Super dynamic deep bass resolution
• High performance is second to none
• Annoying tapping on the other end
• Occasion volume change
• Solid sound insulation material
• Minimal sound leakage
• Reduced eternal noise.
• Clear sound enhanced by the high quality microphone
It is compatible with many top brands and quality devices. The work well with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, IPhone 6S, IPhone 6, IPhone SE. Other devices are some Samsung and Apple products.
They are compatible with MP3, MP4, iPad, IPod, Tablets. The list includes Laptop Computer, Window, Motorola, Nokia, Nexus 6P/5X, Google, Samsung Galaxy S7.S6 edge. It also works fine with devices compatible with 3.5 mm headphones.
Compatible Devices
• iPhone 5
• iPhone 5S
• IPhone 6S
• IPhone 6
• IPhone SE
• Samsung
• Apple
• MP3
• MP4
• iPad
• IPod
• Tablets
• Laptop Computer
• Window
• Motorola
• Nokia
• Nexus 6P/5X
• Google
• Samsung Galaxy S7.S6 edge
• devices compatible with 3.5mm headphones
The Price
Manufactured by PUNJIN the earbuds weight 2.56 ounce. A good way to estimate their worth is a price comparison. The Apple Earpods with lightening connection sells for $23 while the 2-Pack PUNJIN sells for $15.99
No earbud is perfect and may have some unexpected problems. Problems associated with this device are fluttering or clipped conversation. You may experience a beeping or buzzing noise or occasional change in volume.
• Fluttering
• Clipped conversation
• Beeping
• Buzzing
• Occasional volume change
They are a perfect fit and will work for hours without hurting the ears. You get best quality in sound/design with exceptional performance. They are economical at $14, fit great, ideal for mountain biking, outdoors recreation.
15 Reasons Why We Recommend PUNJIN Compatible
1 PUJIN in-Ear Earbuds are compatible with many devices
2. Good noise isolation and great sound quality
3. Classic design,
4. Enhanced listening pleasure
5. Exception response
6. Reducing any external sound interference
7. hand-free calls
8. Music streaming
9. in-line remote control
10. Perfect mic positioning
11. Free movement
12. Ergonomic
13. Ultra lightweight in-ear design
14. Amazing sound quality
15. Price $14
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