Headphones History: The History of the Headphones

History of the Headphones

The history of headphones started with a prototype developed by Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910. It was later followed by the stereophones developed by John C Koss in 1958. In1979 the development of a lighter weight device the Walkman by Sony paved the way for modern headphones.

It took another 10 years before the introduction of the first noise reduction headset by Doctor Amar Bose. Then a new generation of fashionable high quality headsets was developed in 2008 by Beats by Dre.

History of the Headphones

  1. First Headphone by Nathaniel Baldwin (1910)
  2. Stereophones by John C. Koss (1958)
  3. Walkman by Sony(1978)
  4. First Noise Reduction Headset by Dr Amar Bose (1989)
  5. Fashionable premium headphones; Beats by Dre 2008
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History of the Headphones

The History of the Headphones

First Headphone by Nathaniel Baldwin (1910)

History of the first headphones is attributed to Nathaniel Baldwin. Nathaniel Baldwin studied at Brigham Young Academy and bagged an electrical engineering degree from Stanford. He pursued a teaching career at Brighton Young Academy and was later fired for his personal views.

The inventor later designed a telephone like a headset and gave Commander A.J Hepburn of the United States Navy a prototype. The prototype had the capacity to transmit sound efficiently and was so successful that the US Navy ordered some.

Stereophones by John C. Koss (1958)

Although Nathaniel Baldwin device was limited to radio transmissions the stereophones offered good sound quality. The interesting history was traced to patients in Milwaukee hospitals rented John Koss phonogram. Koss SP3 Stereophones proved to have excellent sound quality perfect for listening to music.

Walkman by Sony (1978)

The electronic giants Sony in 1979 come up with the very popular Walkman. The device proved to be a game changer in audio listening devices. Unlike the bulky first headphones the MDR-3L2 headphones they were lightweight and come with cassette player.

The unique design of the headphone caused friction and tight fit to the ears assuring little external influence and quality listening.

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First Noise Reduction Headset by Doctor Amar Bose (1989)

The first noise reduction headset was developed by Doctor Amar Bose in 1989. It was said that the headsets provided to passengers on a flight from Zurich in which Dr Amar Bose one proved unsatisfactory.

He was unhappy about the audio quality and set to develop a better product. Amar starter the Bose company in 1989 and successfully developed the first noise cancelling headsets. However in 2008 Beats by Dre developed the forerunner of high fashionable premium headphones.