Girls Headphones: Top 10 Headphones for Girls

There are neat headphones specially designed for girls. They are powerful, well engineered have beautiful colors and good functions. We have examined a few and narrowed down to top trending well made headphones for girls. Who says work, learning and fun can’t mix. Here are top 10 headphones for girls

Top 10 Headphones for Girls

  • Nenos Children Headphones
  • Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Headphone
  • iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 Kids Headphone
  • Riwbox CT-7 Foldable Headphones
  • Picun BT08 Bluetooth Headphone
  • Mpow 059 Headphones
  • Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphone
  • DOQAUS Wireless Headphones
  • Fortas Kids Headphone
  • AILIHEN C8 Headphonenes

1. Nenos Children Headphones

Nenos children Headphones is specially made for Kids. The superior pair are customized, adjustable, and lightweight. Connect another headphone directly with the share audio feature. Ideal for girls 3 to 8 the headphone fit is on-ear, over-ear. Additional features are volume limiting, foldable perfect for long trips.

Specially made for Kids


Nenos Children Headphones Features

  • customized, adjustable, and lightweight
  • share audio feature
  • headphone fit is on-ear, over-ear
  • volume limiting
  • foldable
  • perfect for long trips

2. Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Headphones

Easily switch from wired to wireless with switches located on both sides of headphones. Turn on or off the nifty LED blinking lights and experience the latest bluetooth 5.0. The amazing sound is delivers through the 40mm speakers, powerful battery. They have included a D1 braided audio cable to connect various smart devices. Compatible with TV, PC, Laptop, IPad, IPhone.

Teenagers Headphones


Riwbox CT-7S features

  • Lightweight headset
  • Foldable
  • LED light up
  • Microphone
  • Volume Limiting Technology
  • Item Weight0.75 ib

3. iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 Kids Headphone

Kid’s safety is paramount with this wired headset. They are made with food grade silicone are highly bendable, durable and adorable. Cat-inspired small pink colored for girls they have volume control technology for safe use. You will love the adjustable LED backlights, universal compatibility custom design. Others 3.5 aux jack, and lightweight design.

Recommended for kids 3 to 12


Product description

iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 Kids Headphone has on-ear design with tangle free cords. Others are lightweight design, food grade silicone and adjustable headband. It has kid safe volume limiting, soft comfortable earpads and adjustable LED backlight.

iClever BoostCare IC-HS12 feature

  • Adjustable LED Backlight
  • Built-in Volume limiting technology 85dB
  • Cat-inspired design
  • Tangle free adjustable cord
  • Soft earmuffs
  • Compatible smartphone/laptop/tablets
  • Food grade silicone material

4. Riwbox CT-7 Foldable Headphones

Riwbox CT-7 Foldable Headphones is a perfect gift for girls. It has over-ear cat ear design is lightweight and foldable. A cool feature is the wireless or wired mode pulsating stereo. The bluetooth technology is 5.0 has LED lights and compatible with PC/LAPTOP/Smartphones/iPhone/iPad/TV.

Kids Headphones


Riwbox CT-7 features

  • Over-ear cat ear design
  • lightweight and foldable
  • wireless or wired mode
  • pulsating stereo
  • bluetooth technology is 5.0
  • LED lights
  • compatible with PC/LAPTOP/Smartphones/iPhone/iPad/TV

What you get

You get a user manual, USB line, speaker, 3.5mm audio cable with microphone and Riwbox CT-7 Foldable Headphones.

5. Picun BT08 Bluetooth Headphone

Picun BT08 has a skin texture touch including four in one multifunctional bluetooth headphone. The functions are FM radio, TF card music player. Others are wired functionality, 40mm large aperture 8 hours playtime.


Picun BT08 Features

Universal compatibility 8 hours playback time bluetooth V4.0

Foldable and adjustable design battery capacity 300mAh 40mm large aperture neodymium-iron-boron driver cushion protein earmuff

What we like

It has a vibrating membrane including V4.0 bluetooth technology. The manufacturers offer 24 hours customer service, 6 months maintenance and 30 days return policy.

What you get

You get one BT-08 bluetooth headset, one charger cable. Others are one user manual, package box. 3.5mm audio cable.

6. Mpow 059 Headphones

Experience the impressive high fidelity stereo sound delivered by 40mm neodymium driver. The around ear cushion design is built for comfort. It has natural skin texture with soft padded headband. Features include both wired and wireless functionality. It has passive noise isolation and a closed back design.

Superior quality sound



  • Soft memory protein earmuffs
  • wireless headset
  • HiFi stereo
  • over ear
  • built in microphone
  • 20 hours battery time
  • hands free calls
  • bluetooth 4.1
  • dual aperture 40mm drivers
  • universal compatibility

What you get

You get Mpow 059 bluetooth headphones, 3.5mm audio cable. Others are packing box, carry pouch and a micro USB charging cable.

7. Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphone

Apart from the cool name the headphones look futuristic. Experience long listening pleasure 35 hours nonstop long playback. Over the ear switch seamlessly from wired to wireless.

Wired and Wireless Headphone


Edifier W800BT features

  • 40mm large drivers
  • bluetooth v4.0 technology
  • lightweight frame
  • automatic switch wired connection
  • 0n-ear controls
  • ergonomic comfortable design
  • play time 35 hours
  • connecting distance 10m

DOQAUS Wireless Headphones


The sound quality is astounding in DOQAUS headphones. Built for sound the 40mm high power drivers is fueled by premium CSR chip. Enjoy the original bass quality high definition presentation, low latency.


Fitted with swivel ear cups, adjustable headband and protein soft cushion. It has hands free functionality built in microphone with volume optimized EQ mode. Easily connect to two devices at once enjoy 35 hours playtime. It has extra strong 1000mAh battery with both wireless and wired functions.

Premium Sound Quality


DOQAUS Wireless Headphones

  • premium sound quality
  • 1000 battery capacity mAh
  • 4.2 bluetooth technology
  • CSR chip
  • HiFi sound
  • ergonomic earcups
  • lightweight
  • solid material
  • glossy finish stainless steel headband
  • 35 hours pay time
  • wired and wireless connection
  • portable foldable design
  • hands free call

What we like

We like the amazing sound quality, volume optimized EQ mode. You get 100% money back guarantee, free replacement or full refund.  

Fortas Kids Headphone

Fortas kid’s headphones have volume limited 85dB function. Access 2 devices simultaneously to share with friends and family. it has a lightweight design with 3.5mm jack padded with  soft earmuffs. Enjoy the snug fit that accommodates children’s head size with the adjustable soft headband.

Interactive Music, Easy Sharing



Fortas weighs 4.1 ounces are fitted with padded soft earmuffs. The volume is limited to 85dB prevents ear damage making them good for kids. Other features are 3.5mm jack, interactive music and sharing interface and adjustable for snug fit. The package comes with an adjustable kid’s headphone and one cord.

Fortas kids Headphone Features

  • weighs 4.1 ounces
  • padded soft earmuffs
  • volume is limited to 85dB
  • 3.5mm jack
  • interactive music
  • sharing interface
  • adjustable for snug fit

AILIHEN C8 Headphone

AILIHEN C8 is a foldable lightweight headphone. Compatible with many devices like laptop, smartphones, PC. Perfect for mp3/mp4 devices they fit kids perfectly. You get braided cord with 3.5mm stereo plugin. Other features are noise isolation, hands free and volume control.


AILIHEN C8 Headphones

AILIHEN C8 features

  • foldable lightweight headphone
  • universal compatible
  • Perfect for mp3/mp4
  • Snug fit
  • braided cord
  • 3.5mm stereo plugin
  • noise isolation
  • hands free
  • volume control

What we like

We like the colorful wired headphones lightweight design. Perfect for girls and women you will enjoy the sound quality snug fit. Others are the nylon braided cord and one year 100% money back, colorful wired