ENACFIRE E18 Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

With ENACFIRE E18 you will enjoy a new revolution in music experience. You get a true wireless experience, amazing audio quality. The earbuds are truly wireless with long range connection. The sound quality is good, nice bass with guaranteed quality music that puts wired connections to shame.

ENACFIRE E18 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0

1. Incredible Sound Quality

2. One step Pairing Technology

3. First Time Connection

4. True Wireless Experience

5. 3 hours play on one charge

6. 15 hours play with charger case

7. Lightweight (1.76 ounces)

8. Comfortable fit

9. Multiple use mode

10. HD sound

11. Choice of 3 eartips

12. Appropriately priced

Snug Comfortable design

The Design

The design is snug, comfortable and offers a good fit. Made for in-ear use you get three different sized ear tips to select the most comfortable size and fit.

The ENACFIRE E18 wireless earbuds stay secured and fit nicely which prevents them from falling off. The tight fit assures comfort, good music output without much interference from environmental noise. They are lightweight, comfortable and work them for hours at a time.

  • Good comfortable fit
  • in-ear use
  • 3 different sized ear tips
  • good music output
  • lightweight

Charge on the move


On a single charge the earbuds can last 4 hours. If you use the charging case you get an additional 15 hours play time. Enjoy full day experience on the go or in the comfort of your living room.

  • 3.5 hours on one charge
  • 15 with charger case

True wireless experience

Enjoy the true wireless experience with connectivity exceeding 30 feet. No more cumbersome wires to untangle.

  • Quality sound
  • Connectivity over 23 feet
  • One step pairing

Incredible Sound Quality

The ENACFIRE E18 wireless earbuds has good sound output design to health recommended standard for ear safety. The earbuds produce amazing sound quality for your listening pleasure. You would enjoy the cool bass high definition output and stereo presentation.

One Step Pairing Technology


You don’t have to click the power button to get the device ready to pair. Unlike traditional devices they connect easily whenever just put them in your ears. It takes literarily seconds to connect and require no skill or fuss.

Simple Connection Process

First and Second Time Use

The connection process is simple take the earbuds and connect with the mobile phone automatically. Once his is achieved all you need to do is anytime you need them take them out place in-ear and they readily connect.

Multiple Usage Mode

The earbuds based on their true wireless nature offer multiple use opportunity. You can share one earbud with your friend and enjoy the music together.

Others include premium stereo while each twin earbuds can be tuned to single channel mode. This makes them perfect for driving to answer call with not much distractions. Priced at $34.99 they are a good buy any day.

What we don’t like

There are instances of cutting in and out during vigorous exercise. Having the mic placement in the ear has some limitations and the battery life is only 3 hours.

What we like

Enacfire E18 has a revolutionary design and true wireless. You experience no cord drop off with uncomplicated headset pairing. No signal interruption akin to wired connections or poor output of many wired earbuds.

The Enacfire has one step link technology that require zero skills. The connection is readily available wherever whenever unlike tradition earbuds that require one or two clicks.

Another cool aspect is charge on the go. On a single charge it lasts 3 to 4 hours while application of the charger case extends the power to 15 hours.

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Product Information

The headphone fit is in-ear, weight 1.76 ounces. The shipment weight is 3.2 ounces and you get 2 lithium polymer batteries included.

What You Get

You get a portable mini charging case to recharge on the go. It offers 4 times recharge and 3.5 hours music play time. For home charging you have the advanced charging system with latest magnetic charging support.

It is fast and will charge 80% in 30 minutes. Switch to trickle charger to prolong battery life and earphones. Other accessories are the ENACFIRE E18 true wireless earbuds, 1 x USB to micro charging case.

More include 1 x 500Mah magnetic charging case, 3 x Couples silicone eartips, user manual and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days no question asked refund.

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