ELFRhino Headphone Organizer for Earphones

If you have a wired earphone then you need an organizer. The tiny device keeps you phones safe from theft and loss. They are easier to find appractive and comes in different designs and colors. Fold the cords with small wire clip them shut and slip into pocket

Why earphone organizer

An earphone organizer effectively reduces tangles while keeping the earphones safe. They are easy to use highly functional reducing incident of broken cords, tangle mess, loss.

ELFRhino Headphone Organizer for Earphones

This device has a classic minimalist design made from high quality silicone material. ELFRhino offer a practicable application in a fashionable way. Quite fashionable they come in natural colors are flexible with tangle free wrap winder cable. The organizer comes in eight colors including black, pink or blue. Use the earphone winder to wind different cables.

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Flexible convenient to carry


ELFRhino earphone organizer

This item is ELFRhino earphone organizer. Use them to hold a variety of cords/cables in seconds. Made from high quality silicone material they are flexible. Effective against loss, tangle or broken cords. Elegant simplicity exquisite craftsmanship defines the product. Enjoy better protection solves storage problems.

Open-ear hadphones


  • High quality silicone material
  • durable
  • lightweight
  • natural colors
  • easy winding of cable
  • tangle free assist
  •  minimalist design flexible

What you get

You get the ELFRHhino headphone organizer and 3 x earphone winder.