Earphones under $20: Top 3 Earphones under $20

Earphones under $20

Welcome back to another article on cheap earphones to consider. We have covered earphones under $10 dollar even ones under $5! Now we are going to look at earphones under $20 dollars.

Earpieces in this range have more features better sound quality than lower priced budget ones. However their performance depends on the type of technology, design, material used in the construct.

Things to Consider

Things to consider in headphones of this range are sound, built, durability and functionality. Higher priced pieces offer more features improved technology better connectivity. Most headphones in this class are mostly wired using 3.5 mm audio jack.

Things to look out for:

  1. Price
  2. Sound
  3. Construct
  4. Durability
  5. Key features
  6. Connectivity

Top Manufacturers

Top manufacturers seem to focus more on them because the price range is popular and highly sort. In our quest for the best cheap headphones sold on Amazon we narrowed the search to three major players in the electronic market. Our top 3 picks are products from SONY, JVC and Apple devices.

Kingchuan Wired Stereo Earphones
Kingchuan Wired Stereo Earphones

Top 3 Earphones under $20

  1. Sony Earbuds with Microphone
  2. JVC Violet Flat and Foldable
  3. Apple EarPods with 3.5mm

1 Sony Earbuds with Microphone (MDR-EX155AP)

SONY is arguably the top contender for best earphones under $20, this particular devices is appropriately priced has built-in microphone with wide compatibility. It uses 3.5mm audio jack build with silicone based material and very comfortable. Sound presentation is driven by 9mm neodymium drivers, frequency response 5Hz-24, 000 Hz, Impedance 16 ohm. They come in 3 colors red, blue and (MDREX155AP/B) BLACK.

Price starts from $14 -$29.99

Powerful balanced sound

Sony Earbuds with Microphone,
Sony Earbuds with Microphone,

Product description

  1. Easily portable lightweight design
  2. Flexible 3.94 ft y-shaped cord
  3. 9mm neodymium dynamic drivers
  4. Integrated microphone
  5. playback control
  6. silicone earbuds
  7. secure comfortable fit

What We Think

They are great for phone calls but lack of volume control. However the sound is incredible no bent wires due to clever 90% angle shape and good bargain for the price.

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  1. JVC Violet Flat and Foldable (HAS160 FLATS)

We simply love these bad boys or girls? Depending on how you see them. The first thing you notice are the on-ear design including the JVC brand on the back of the headphones. Made from high grade stainless steel head fit size expander that fit perfectly on any head size. Another additional luxury is the soft earpads perfect for isolating sound waves while providing leisure comfort.

They use 3.94 feet gold plated phone jack and slim HAS160V plug. The foldable design has swivel functionality easily packed in less than 1 inch thickness when folded. As if all these impressive feature are not enough JVC have added beast mode 30 mm neodynamic driver units to produce unmatched rich fidelity sound.

Price $13.98

Gaming Console

JVC Violet Flat and Foldable
JVC Violet Flat and Foldable

Product description

  1. Stainless steel head fit size expander
  2. Gold plated headphone jack
  3. Sound isolation
  4. Weight 2.33 ounces
  5. Stainless steel headband
  6. 30mm neodymium driver unit
  7. Swivel for small storage
  8. Soft earpads

What we think

Despite the smart design the headphone is very delicate in construct. They will not withstand hard handling especially the plastic spindles attached to the speakers. They have great sound, interesting features and the price is right.

Apple EarPods with 3.5mm
Apple EarPods with 3.5mm
  1. Apple EarPods with 3.5mm

This item is not shipped to many countries so make sure they are shipped to yours before purchase. Apple have built an earbud that is stylish and defines their brand quality. The unusual geometric shape offers goof fit, comfort without following traditional boundaries. They have integrated speakers for maximum sound output for high quality audio presentation. The built-in remote offers practical functionality to adjust sound volume control playback, end or answer calls. It uses 3.5mm headphone connector and costs $18.29 USD.

What we think

Make sure you get only the authentic real apple headphones. This is because there are many fake versions in the market.