Earphones under $10: Top Earphones under $10

Earphones under $10

Despite the low cost less than $10 some manufacturers of earphones have added premium features to their devices. Some offer powerful sound, secure comfortable fit with durable silicone grade ear pieces. They offer a choice of different color combinations, designs and earbud sizes.

Things to look out for in this category of earphones are treble, sound and bass presentation or frequency response. Most use 3.3feet long cord and standard 3.5 mm impute. We have carefully selected our top 3 choice of earphones under $10 that offer premium value.

Top 3 Earphones under $10

  1. JVC Gumy in Ear Earbud
  2. Heavy Bass Earphone
  3. Earbud

1.JVC Gumy in Ear Earbud

Expect high performance from these earphones from JVC a leading manufacturer of cutting edge technology. JVC Gumy has good sound presentation deep bass, clear crisp sound. The silicone based earbuds in different sizes offer secure fit for any ear size.

Eartips sizes range from large, small, medium sizes. Choose from a selection of colors from black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and white. It uses 3.3ft long cord with standard earphone jack of 3.5mm for wide connectivity, frequency range is 10-20,000 Hz.

Price $9.99

JVC Gumy in Ear Earbud


  • Adjust fit for perfect use
  • Different size earbuds S/M/L.
  • Low price
  • Long 3.3ft long cord
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone input

Are Take

The price is right, good fit however there is room for improvement in sound quality. What you get is a good product for the price one of the best in that price range.

  1. Heavy Bass Earphone

Enjoy deep soaring highs ultra-clear mid-range and heavy bass quality with these earphones. They come in black, green, pink and white colors. Made from soft silicone material the sound signature is the most superior in earphones of the same price range.

It has powerful bass response sparkling trebles, passive attenuation of ambient noise and clear vocals. Other qualities are wide connectivity to many devices like android phones, smartphones and apple devices. The special feature is the microphone others are in-ear design weight 0.32 ounces. The wire length is 3.9ft and choose between different silicone ear tips button control for next song/previous song/accept/decline call.

Price $9.99


Heavy Bass Earphone Color Cal
Heavy Bass Earphone


  • high quality oxygen-free copper cables
  • passive noise isolation technology
  • wide connectivity
  • high quality stereo bass presentation
  • 9ft wire length

premium headphones

  1. Earbud Headphones, Wired in-Ear

These Earbud headphones have similar quality to Earbuds, Amoner in ear headphones. The first thing you notice is the comfortable fit premium comfort for low price. You get 3 different ear caps small, medium, large for perfect ear fit. Sound presentation is stereo driven by quality drivers. The fidelity is excellent for optimum listening enjoyment. Priced at $9.99 you get clear listening sound from the in-ear design and 3.5mm connectivity. Use the remote control button to play/pause/ next/answer or end calls.

Price $9.99

Premium Earbds at low price


Earbud Headphones, Wired in-Ear
Earbud Headphones, Wired in-Ear

Special Features

Enjoy universal connectivity from 3.5 mm audio jack. Others are stereo sound comfortable fit and choice of s/m/l ear caps including a remote control button.

earphone carry case


  • Microphone
  • Sports/ Exercise earphones
  • Lightweight
  • Universal
  • Noise-Isolating
  • Enhanced bass

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