Durable Earphones: Most Durable Headphones in (2020)

OneOdio Over Ear Headphones
OneOdio Over Ear Headphones
AVAZI upgrades 2020 Bluetooth 5.0 Hearphones
AVAZI upgrades 2020 Bluetooth 5.0 Hearphones

Most Durable Headphones

Do you constantly replace your headphones/earphones because they break easily or malfunction. If you are fed up with low quality products then here is a solution. We have listed top headphones that are high quality and offer superb sound quality. All the earphones below are top-notch durable made from plastic or aluminum material.

Why are they durable

Most Durable headphpnes are built with quality material with good cable strength. They have no weak points, reinforced cables are sweat resistant.

Quality Material

What makes headphones durable are quality material and design of hinges. More include cable coating, moisture resistance, no weak points. Durability includes introduction of durable rubber or aluminum casting.

The type of rubber depends on gradient, thickness, metal or rubber castings and lightweight design. Others are reinforced cables with extra layers of rubber, no week points and sweatproof.

Durability Features

  • Cable strength
  • No weak points reinforced cable
  • Sweat-proofing design of hinges
  • Strong durable plastic
  • Aluminum casting moisture resistant


Long lasting


Easy storage



NUATE (2020 Upgraded) True Wireless

With this upgraded 2020 version of NUATE you will enjoy superior sound in high fidelity stereo. Build with high quality material they are true wireless earbuds. You will appreciate the stable transmission with latest bluetooth 5.0. Pairing is easy once one earbud is removed from charging box. They are effect for sports activity like jogging, yoga, running or hiking.


  • In-built microphone
  • High fidelity sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • True wireless design
  • IPZ 7 waterproof
  • Pros stable transmission
  • Durability
  • Sweat resistant



Sweat resistant


High fidelity sound


AVAZI upgrades 2020 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Fitted with sport IPX 7 waterproof the earbuds are perfect for exercise, gym. It has in-ear design, powerful stereo good bass 12 hours playtime. AVAZI uses the best grade bluetooth technology upgraded for 2020.

[2020 New] Avantree NB17

Avantree NB17 has active noise cancelling tech including IPX5 waterproofing. You get 24 hours standby, bluetooth 5.0 connectivity range of 33 feet. High definition sound is delivered through 12mm dynamic driver’s quality stereo sound.

Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The active noise cancelling feature is very effective. It uses professional advanced technology that effectively cancels 85% noise. Use them on airplanes, noisy factories in your office environment. This lightweight device is surprisingly durable made with quality material.


  • Professional noise cancelling
  • Hi-Fi deep bass
  • Built-in-dual microphone
  • 16 hour music
  • Hands free function
  • Advanced bluetooth CSR
  • Multilevel adjustable headbands
  • most durable headphones





40mm stereo drivers

Super lightweight 0.4 ib

NC25 noise cancelling headphones

ANC function

Protein ear pads


Super lightweight ergonomic design


Active noise cancelling 80%

16 hours playtime


Power on slight delay wont connect with echo devices

What you get

You get the headphones, 3.5mm stereo audio cable and carry case.

Our Conclusion

We like the fact that they are foldable lightweight yet durable. Although the noise cancelling is not 100% it is 80+%. The built-in microphone increases the listening pleasure including the hands free functionality

Moxking Wired Durable Metal Headphones

You will appreciate the deep bass, clear earphones with noise isolation technology. They present stereo quality with wide compatibility. They have ergonomic design made from durable metal they will last long. It has reinforced jack solid aluminum metal, sturdy wire.

Sturdily built to last the wire is 140cm/55in long controls and fitted with hands free talk /remote control.


  • Powerful bass clear sound
  • Wide compatibility
  • Immersive gaming audio
  • Drown out background noise
  • Small/medium/large/triple-flange/double-flange ear tips
  • Clear microphone
  • Easy remote control


M2 wired earbuds

3.5mm gold plated jack

3-buttons inline remote control

High quality dynamic drivers

5- Different sized soft silicone ear tips

Excellent noise isolation

Weight 0.71 ounces



Durable metal earphones

Good price

In-line microphone

Carrying pouch

Solid aluminum metal

Sturdy wires

Reinforce jack

Superior audio experience


Slightly muted sounding

Little difficulty swapping earbud pieces

Volume changes at source

 OneOdio Over Ear Headphones

This beast uses 50mm drivers including a share port with microphone. The drivers offer superior sound quality while the headband is adjustable. Use the single-sided monitor 90 percent swiveling ear cups for single ear monitoring like a DJ. The pads are soft and comfortable maximizing comfort. It uses a standard 6.3/3.5mm plug completely detachable.

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