Children Headphones: Best Safe Children Headphones 2020

Children Headphones:

Not all headphones are safe for children so it is important knowing what to buy. Ideal headphones for kids are built to size have easy fit, good sound quality. They are built to last, sturdy and come in attractive colors, designs.

Sound volume is very important because average adult headphones can easily accommodate 85 decibels or more. Long exposure to certain volume should be taken into consideration while buying kids headphones.

10 Best Headphones for Kids

Sound Quality

Enjoy superior audio quality good listening pleasure facilitated by 40 mm drivers. The toddler will love the amazing treble, neat bass presentation on both wireless and wired modes. One of the most important features is volume limiting feature, attractive durability build.

The built in volume limiter should works seamlessly with bluetooth wireless or wired technology. The choice headphone should effectively limits the volume to a safe 85dB. Make sure the limiter in wired is safe and use a 3,5mm audio cable. Sound range is 1 kHz with noise isolation technology perfect for safe listening.

Comfort and durability

It is important the headphones are built to accommodate a child or teenage head so it fits very comfortably. They are flexible, fit easily over large or small ears with soft luxuriant feel. Children headphones should withstand rough handling made from tough material or aluminum. When not in use place them in the hard carrier case.

Features of Children’s Headphones

Features include flat-tangle resistant 3.5mm cable and micro USB charging port. Battery life for wireless is a good 18 hours playtime with wireless range of an amazing 8-9 feet.

The right earcups has all the controls to pause/play, increase or lower volume. It comes in different color choices from silver, black, white, gold, purple or blue. It uses bluetooth technology while easy storage is possible due to flat fold design.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume

Puro Sound Labs are perfectly made for children. They have noise isolation technology including volume limiting features. They come in a kid’s friendly design with different color choices from blue, grey, pink, purple, red and teal. The BT2200 design offers maximum protection for the young ones delicate eardrums.

Puro Sound is WHO recommended has 85dB limiting volume. Enjoy studio grade audio quality, balanced response, dynamic bass crisp clear vocals. It uses one-touch bluetooth technology, 82% noise isolation with 200 hours standby and 18 hours playtime.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume
Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume


  • perfectly made for children
  • noise isolation technology
  • volume limiting features
  • kid’s friendly design
  • different color choices
  • design offers maximum protection
  • studio grade audio quality
  • Puro balanced response
  • dynamic bass crisp clear vocals
  • use one-touch bluetooth technology
  • 82% noise isolation
  • 200 hours standby and 18 hours playtime

Other Children’s Headphones

  1. Kids Headphones – noot products K11 Foldable Stereo
  2. iClever Kids Headphones – Wired Headphones Kids

iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones 

the volume on this device is maxed at 94dB volume limiter. It uses 3.5mm aux jack with highly adjustable headband. The sound quality is stereo with most advanced auditory system for different listening purposes. Headband is pillow soft with stainless steel slider coved in thicken foam. Highly foldable with untangled wires there is no pulling, dragging or rubbing. The weight is 6.1 ounces perfect for children and teenagers. The aux cable offer wide connectivity to many devices like laptop, smartphones.

iClever Kids Headphones
iClever Kids Headphones

Product Description

You get untangled wires, pillow soft adjustable foldable headband and compact headphone. Others are universal compatibility, built in safety features, superior sound presentations.

What we like

This device is an indispensable tool for listening enjoyment. The volume limiter is perfect for kids, twistable headband is durable, easily folded to save space. They are fitted with premium earmuffs and has wide connectivity. Battery life is 20 hours, weight 0.38ib, volume limiter 94dB, hands free call, foldable, microphone and fun LED lights.

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