Cheap Earphones: The Best Cheap Earphones under $5

Cheap earphones under $5:

I stumbled on this title “Your product is awesome, why are you selling it so Cheap? That is a great question when it comes to product pricing. The business model sometime dictates a manufacturer’s strategy on pricing.

Sales, marketing, product development and pricing has a direct impact on the success of a product. This is not different with earphones, smartphones and other electronic devices.

A company once brought out a reasonably priced product without success. They then decided to experiment with an exponential increase about 20x their basic package. The product then when on to incredible success despite remaining the same. This clearly shows shoppers attitude to low priced items, if they are low priced then they are not “quality”. Mechanisms in price implementation sometimes forces consumer behavior.

How Earphone are Pricing

Earphones are priced based on low price market penetration, introductory prices, maximum price a customer is will to pay. Others include added features, production materials and cost of production.

More include charging higher prices or lowering prices to expand market penetration. This clearly shows that pricing does not have a direct correlation to quality. A manufacturer might decide to charge highest price a customer will pay or focus on market penetration

Price determination

Price determination is therefore based on maximum penetration, target customers (earphone lovers). Other determinants of earphone pricing is products features, value, and willingness to pay including budget. Interestingly some low priced products are gradually increased in price overtime until customers stop buying.

Buyer’s Guide

A buyer needs to determine when they are getting a bargain. A product might start getting expensive, too expensive, not a bargain. Another consideration for buyers include branded product that offer premium value or unit economics in play.

Cheap Earphones under $5

This brings us to the article title the best cheap earphones under $5. Cheap refers to an item for sale at a low price that is worth more than it costs. We went through a few “cheap” earphones to weed the pearls from the stones. What we found were basic features, highly portable some made from silicone for added comfort and mostly corded.

Top grade high quality ones on Amazon have added in-build microphones are light weight, stylish and fitted with 9mm neodymium drivers. Here is our top choice of 4 best cheap earphones under $5

The Best Cheap Earphones under $5

  1. Sony Earbuds with Microphone
  2. Kingchuan Wired Stereo Earphones
  3. WRZ X6 Earphones in Ear
  4. CARNEY MT826 in-Ear Earbud

Sony Earbuds with Microphone

Sony delivers every time no matter the price of their devices. They have fitted into these understated beauties a host of premium value. The branded highly stylish earphones come in three colors black, blue, red perfect for adults and kid earphones. Plug into audio devices including smartphones, laptops and table tops.

Sony Earbuds have built-in microphone with smartphone playback control. You will appreciate the secure-fit silicone comfort it provides. The sound quality is enhanced by the 9mm neodymium drivers and highly portable lightweight design. Connectivity is through a flexible 3.94ft y-shaped 3.5mm cord.

Price from $14.99-$29.99

Perfect for everyday use


  • powerful balanced sound
  • lightweight
  • in-ear design
  • integrated microphone
  • smart playback control
  • neodymium drivers
  • secure fit
  • hybrid silicone
  • flexible 3.94ft Y-shaped cord
  1. Kingchuan Wired Stereo Earphones

Despite costing only $4.49 you get natural high-quality sound. The surprisingly excellent sound is backed up by noise cancelling technology. Kingchuan offers wide connectivity from a 3.5mm jack with cable length of 120cm. Connect the earphones to different devices like laptop, mp3, and Nokia, Huawei or Samsung products.

These earphones come with 30 days money back guarantee (standard Amazon Warranty). The in-ear design is perfect for smartphones including a 9mm high definition speaker driver and microphone. Organize the wires effectively with an earbud case.

Kingchuan Wired Stereo Earphones1
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  • natural high-quality sound
  • noise cancelling technology
  • wide connectivity
  • uses 3.5mm jack
  • cable length of 120cm
  • in-ear design
  • perfect for smartphone
  • 9mm high definition speaker driver
  • microphone

What we found

The only drawback is that they are slightly fragile, the buds best for people with medium to large ears.

WRZ X6 Earphones in Ear

First thing you notice about WRZ X6 is the ergonomic design. They have a compact design to fit any ear canal for pleasant comfortable wear. The high-fidelity device comes with noise isolating technology heavy bass and stereo presentation.

Others include microphone, remote volume and oxygen copper wire for best connectivity. Use the volume control to switch song, increase/decrease volume, receive calls, activate Siri or end calls. Sound quality is topnotch delivered by the 10mm internal audio driver.

This offers a deep bass, natural crisp clear sound. Compatible with iOS, laptop, table top, android smartphones and PC. They come in grey, gold and silver color and you get 12 months warranty.

WRZ X6 Earphones in Ear
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Price $4.99

  1. Product description
  2. Built-in microphone for in-line conversations
  3. Heavy bass driven sound
  4. Crisp audio from 10mm neodymium drivers
  5. x6 sweatproof
  6. choose from 3 pairs of silicone tips for perfect fit
  7. noise isolation
  8. 5mm gold plated jack
  9. control button

CARNEY MT826 in-Ear Earbud

How come earbuds that cost less than $5 have noise isolation with pure bass sound. CARNEY MT826 does including microphone, powerful bass and quality stereo delivered by 9mm high definition speaker drivers. The noise canceling technology is 6.0 reducing external noise. Earbuds hardness offers good comfort snug fit easy wearability.made from silicone they easily adapt to ear shape providind prfect seal. They use 3.5mm tangle free jack length 3.94ft. this offers wide connectivity to  many devices like android phones, tablets. Finnaly least we for get the hands free function.package comes with 1 CARNEY MT826 in-Ear Earbud and 1 carry case.

Price $4.89

CARNEY MT826 in-Ear Earbud