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Sleeping Headphones

The main purpose of a sleep headband is to listen to cool soothing music while you enjoy a relaxing snooze. Most models are fitted with latest bluetooth 5.0 technology and pair easily with any device enabled with bluetooth. Best one have fast charging from 1-2 hours and battery playtime of 10 hours.

The type of fabric used in the construct is important therefore mask of choice should not put any pressure on the eyes and block light waves effectively. Another key feature to look out for is washable headband. A normal practice is to remove the bluetooth module before washing the headband.

It is important that the sleep headphones have noise reduction properties for better relaxation and sleep. Sleep headbands have multi-functional advantage and are used for meditation, yoga, air travel, night sleep and noonday snoozing. Here are our top choice sleep headphones with bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Top choice sleep headphones

  1. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones (2020)

This MUSICOZY sleep headphones are perfect for men, women, teen boys and girls. Loaded with cool tech gadgets they are one of the best sleep headphones in the market. They come with superior high definition stereo sound and bluetooth technology. Gift them as a birthday surprise or during holidays or celebratory days like Christmas.

They are perfect for people who live in noisy neighborhoods, air travel, meditation, audio books, yoga and bedtime reading for kids. The sound quality is infused with deep bass, crystal clear treble incredible sound quality.

Enjoy very peaceful sleeping with the sleep mask 1-2 hours’ quick charge and 10 hours playtime. It is fitted with an upgraded battery chip while bluetooth pairs with any bluetooth enabled device. The sleep mask offers no pressure on the eye and made from skin friendly smooth premium memory foam with silk lining.

Great gift item

Listed price $ 28.99 buy now at $22.74 save $6.25

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones
MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones

Product features

  • Bluetooth V5.0 latest technology
  • State of art acoustic components
  • Perfect for people with light sensitivity
  • Ergonomic designed sleep mask
  • High fidelity speakers
  • Upgraded super hi-fi stereo
  • Hands-free calling
  • Best fabric
  • Perfect gift item

What’s in the Package?

In the package you get 1 bluetooth eye mask, 1 outer box, 1 charging cable. Others are 1 service card, 1 instructional manual and 1 portable carry bag.

  1. 1 bluetooth eye mask
  2. 1 outer box
  3. 1 charging cable
  4. 1 service card
  5. 1 instructional manual
  6. 1 portable carry bag

What we think

The headphones are loaded with special features like built-in microphones, high definition stereo, washable headband, and wind, noise resistant. One size fits both men, women and kid we like this device and an all-round good buy for the price.

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  1. Sleep Headphones, 2020 Wireless 5.0

Block out light waves listen to long hours of music call friends with this sleep headphones. Enjoy deeper sleep including high definition stereo system with upgraded noise reduction properties. It has plush interior padding without pressure on the eyes. Fitted with bluetooth 5, 0 technology it pairs with devices enabled with bluetooth. Use the zipper to remove the bluetooth module then detach and wash the headband. Sold for $22.99 the manufacturers offer 12 months warranty technical support.

Sleep Headphones, 2020 Wireless 5.0
Sleep Headphones, 2020 Wireless 5.0

Product description

Skin friendly bluetooth eye mask HD stereo

Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Battery up to 10 hours

Adjustable speakers

Soft comfortable

  1. Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Wireless

This headbands have a 2019 design perfectly suited for sleep or sports. It has bluetooth module, fixed speakers cool ultra-thin fabric that easily absorbs sweat during physical activity. The bluetooth sleep mask is highly elastic reduces light penetration during sleep. Other features are 10 hours playtime, upgraded USB rechargeable battery. More include 2 hours charging time, 10 hours music time. They are perfectly adaptable for both men and women with different head sizes.

Price $18.99

Product Description

The product is bluetooth 5.0 headband headphones. Ideal tool for side sleepers with 2 hours charge, 10 hours playing time and powerful battery. Enjoy long play with the in-built 240Ah high performance battery, flexible band that fits most head size made from breathable washable material.

Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Wireless
Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask Wireless


  • High fidelity sound
  • Longer battery life
  • More stable connection
  • Perfect for sleeping/jogging/running
  • Faster transmission
  • childrens headphones
  1. Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth

Lavince headphones are synonymous with workouts, sports, sleep, relaxation or leisure activities. Perfect for air travel, deep meditation, yoga or people suffering from insomnia. It has a headband design that allows the wearer listen to music without wearing additional headphones.

The wireless headband pair any bluetooth enabled device like tablets or smartphones. Bluetooth technology is latest 5.0 version with a range of 45 feet, talk time is 12 hours with 100 hours standby time. The ultra-thin 0.25 speakers are perfect for sleeping with true HD premium quality sound. It has rechargeable battery and offer perfect fit for sleep or sport activity without messing up your hair.

Price $19.99

Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth
Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth


  1. Sports/Sleep Headphones 2 in 1
  2. Wireless 5.0 technology
  3. 12 hours talk time 2 hours charging
  4. 10 hours playtime 100 hours standby
  5. Special fabric
  6. Full wash headband

What we like

We like the comfortable placement of the device module in middle of speaker. This makes it very comfortable for people who sleep on their sides. Complete control button to play/pause, answer/end calls adjust button. We like the ultra-thin premium speakers and bluetooth 5.0. Another advantage is the headband fit most head sizes, fabric comfortable and stretchy perfect for sleeping or sports activity.

Washing Instruction

Before washing the headband you need to take out the devices module

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