Best 9 Pack Airpods Accessories Protection Case

If you want a simple protective case that seats perfectly in your purse and offers huge options then you need an Airpods case. This Airpods Case, Airpods Accessories, price-wise is affordable compared to others in its category. It also come with a few extra items 9 in 1.

The case is stylish, looks nice and accessories are handy. The little sized pieces offers more security for your pod.  The watch band also holds the buds securely while moving around.

airpods case
airpods case


The Airpods case despite its size packs a lot of punch. The case is durable and offers adequate protection for your accessories.

The tough guy has impact absorbent elastomer is dust proof and shock resistant. Made of premium silicone material it flaunts a stylish minimalist design. In a nutshell it has good material quality is durable and offers value for money.

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airpods case

Airpods Case Features

  • Handy size
  • Durable
  • Offers adequate protection
  • Impact absorbent elastomer
  • Dust proof
  • Shock resistant
  • Made of premium silicone material
  • Stylish minimalist design
  • Good material quality
  • Value for money

What you get

You get Airpods case, ear hooks and watch band holder. Others are key chains including silicone Airpods Straps. You get 1 dust proof, shock resistant Airpods case. Others are 2 Airpods Ear Hooks, 2 Silicone Airpods watch Band Holders. More include 1 Storage box, 2 Silicone Airpods Straps, 2 Key chains. All for less than $11


  1. 1 dust proof, shock resistant Airpods case
  2. 2 Airpods Ear Hooks
  3. 2 Silicone Airpods watch Band Holders
  4. 1 Storage box,
  5. 2 Silicone Airpods Straps
  6. 2 Key chains
airpods case

Product description

The case offers perfect protection for your Airpods from damage. The pods are safe from scathes, drop accidents or getting lost. The workmanship is remarkable with fine silicone material. Having all accessories in one product is a real problem solver.

Ear Hooks -The protective ear hooks eliminates the hassle of Apple Airpods falling out of your ears. It is 0.5 mm, soft and comfortable on the ears. Made with finest silicone material it is applicable to Airpods and iphone 6

Headset receiving box is a portable storage case to carry the ear hooks and other accessories.

Airpods Watch Band Holder – the watch band holder is applicable to different watch bands. They have a minimalist design are stylish and secure. The watch band holder is suitable for 20 to 24 mm watch bands. It is a perfect fit for different watch bands.

Anti-lost straps is used to connect your Airpods while the Airpods protective case protects against scratches and damage to your Airpods. You can wear the Airpods straps when cycling, running or jogging.

Airpods Case – the built in dust cap protects your Airpods charging ports from dust. It offer full protection from scratches drops and bumps.

You don’t even have to remove the protective case before charging. The case comes in a variety of colors from Black, Green and Deep Blue. Other colors are yellow pink, red, and white

Airpods Case, Airpods Accessories,9 in 1 Protective Silicone Cover and Skin Compatible Apple Earpods with Anti-Lost Airpods Strap, Airpods Watch Band Holder, Airpod Earhook (Black)

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