Apple Airpods: Features that make Airpods Easy to Use

Airpods are user friendly easy to use, fit snuggly in our ears and come with many additional functions. Apart from regular features like amazing audio presentation, fast charging, play/pause functionality there are tons of unknown features.

Top on the list of not-so-well-known features are pairing with many devices, battery check. Others are different light identification, wireless charging, find lost Airpods, Siri talk. More include shared audio with friend, microphone control, customized double tap feature Airpods reset button.



Not so well known features

  1. pairing with many devices
  2. battery check
  3. different light identification
  4. wireless charging
  5. find lost Airpods
  6. Siri talk
  7. shared audio with friend
  8. microphone control
  9. customized double tap feature
  10. Airpods reset button
  11. Use as hearing aid

Announce who is calling

A cool feature of the device is announce who is calling. You can avoid unwanted calls because the Airpods configured correctly will announce the caller name. This features helps you decide to answer the phone call or reject. To activate the feature simply go to settings app, tap phone, tab announcement, tap headphones only and it is activated.

Share Audio with friends

A key feature with the device is audio sharing with iOS 13.  To listen to the same audio you need to be a few feet from your friend. Place Airpods in ear stand feet away from friend, start playing audio on iPhone, open control center, open music controls, tap on both Airpods that appear and it is activated. Both Airpods will start playing the same audio.

  • open control center
  • open music controls
  • tap on both Airpods
  • then activated

Different light indicators

The different light indicators provide information on the status of the device. Flashing white lights mean Airpods ready for set up, orange lights needs to be set up again, green lights fully charged.

Microphone control

The built-in microphone is useful to play audio, answer calls and Siri. You can configure the device to work on only one Airpod. Tap setting on iOS device, bluetooth, I icon, tap microphone, tap on ether=always left or always right Airpod.

Pair with other devices

Pairing is possible with a wide range of devices. You can pair with windows computer, Apple watch, Macs. Others are android phones, game systems, Apple TV. More devices are iPhone, iPad, bluetooth enabled devices.

Button on Airpods case, Find Airpods

Airpods case has an indication button used to reset the Airpods. To fix problems the buttons are used to set up the device. Find my iPhone tool is a very effective way to find lost Airpods.

Customized double tap feature

Double tap feature is easily customized to carry out function other than play or pause audio. Enable them to perform different actions to work each Airpod separately. Configure each Airpod to perform specific functions how cool is that. To setup an iOS device tap settings, bluetooth, I icon, find double tap feature, select right or left. Determine setting for each Airpod. Popular setting are play/pause, Siri, previous track, next track.

To activate double tap feature

  1. setup an iOS device tap settings
  2. tap bluetooth
  3. I icon
  4. find double tap feature
  5. select right or left
  6. determine settings

Use as hearing aid

To use the device as a hearing aid you need to turn iPhone into a remote listening device. Then place the iPhone close to the person and microphone with pick and transmit to your Airpods. To activate this cool hidden feature tap settings, control center, customize controls, tap plus +icon beside “hearing’ then connect Airpods to iPhone. Next open control center, tap hearing icon, tap live listen.

To activate hearing aid feature

  1. tap settings
  2. control center
  3. customize controls
  4. tap plus +icon beside “hearing’
  5. connect Airpods to iPhone
  6. open control center
  7. tap hearing icon
  8. tap live listen

Other features

Other features are wireless charging, check battery life and talk to Siri.