AKASO Aero Headphones with Microphone

AKASO Aero Headphones with Microphone

What is open-ear bone conduction?

AKASO Aero Headphones with Microphone

This sports headphones are safe, open ear bone conductor. Relaxing time is enhanced with the built-in microphone, hands free function and ergonomic design. A primary function of the bone conduction device is avoidance of prolonged use and the antecedent risk.

Sports enthusiasts-safety-enjoy good sound – be aware of surrounding

Price $59.99

Customer review

91 customer review say value for money is rated at 4.84, battery life 4.44, comfort 4.54.

Product Description

This item is AKASO Aero Open-Ear Bone Conduction sports Headphones it has Microphone and Wireless Bluetooth 5.0. Completely wireless the advanced BT 5.0 technology at a range of 10 m for total enjoyment.

Built-in microphone enhance sound quality while remaining aware of surrounding sound. Use the easy press multifunctional button play/pause and pairing is easy with auto connect function.

AKASO Aero Headphones with Microphone
AKASO Aero Headphones with Microphone

AKASO Aero Open-Ear Bone Conduction Features

Headphone fit is in-ear special features are wireless technology and multifunctional button. Others include in-built microphone and USB connectivity. You get an ergonomic design, high elasticity, slim headband, hands-free. It has IPP55 sweatproof rating, including 6 hours long battery life and fast charge.


  • Sports headset
  • Good sound quality
  • Safety
  • Wireless bluetooth 5.0
  • Multifunctional button
  • Comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly elastic
  • Slim headband
  • Hands-free
  • 6 hours Long battery life
  • quick charge
  • IP55 sweatproof rating
  • Aware of surrounding
  • Bone conduction
  • lightweight

What We Like

We like the fact that you can hear conversations around while enjoying music at the same time. Ideal for office, cycling, running or casual work in the park. The battery is long lasting dishing out an astounding 8 hours constant play. What we don’t like is the slight leak of sound so don’t use in quiet shared rooms.

What you get

You get one AKASO Aero Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones, earplugs and Micro USB charger.


What’s new with this product KZ ZSN Pro?

They are made from durable material and priced at $24.99. Others are wide compatibility, high performance and good sound quality.

They stay firmly in place are stylish with 2 pin detachable cable. Dynamic driver IBA IDD hybrid powers the superior sound quality. Once you order the product you get one KZ ZSN Pro earphone, 3x earbuds a user manual.


Features include 0.7mm microphone, ergonomic design lightweight. The manufacturers have added noise cancelling technology resin housing design.

  • Noise cancelling
  • resin house design
  • weight 2.88
  • zinc alloy build 
  • 0.7mm microphone
  • Yinyoo Hi-Fi
  • tangle-free cable
  • ergonomic design